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On March 6, 2019 the NTAA IAQ Work Group hosted an informational webinar entitled, “Policy Tools to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Tribal Homes.” The webinar included stories from Tribes around Indian Country as well as an introduction to EPA’s Tribal Green Building Toolkit. You can also find information on EPA’s website on Funding Opportunities for Tribal Green Building here.

Click here for the recorded informational webinar on ACE hosted by NTAA on October 9, 2018

The NTAA Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Work Group hosted a webinar on the topic of IAQ & Methamphetamine on Thursday, Oct 19, 2017. We invite you to join and learn more about this ongoing problem in tribal communities and the sensitive challenges it presents for families across Indian Country. Click here to watch now.

On October 20th, 2016, NTAA’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Working Group hosted a Federal Listening Session/Webinar entitled, “Stories of Bees, Bed Bugs and Hoarding: IAQ & Public Health Concerns”

The recording covers several stories from Indian Country as well as provide the listener with important resources on dealing with these IAQ challenges.

Listen to the audio presentation here:

Onkwariwashona - Bee Extraction Intro Video

Tribal Presicide Program Council Presentation - Download (pptx)

Office of Native American Programs (ONAP) and Bedbugs Presentation - Download (pptx)

IAQ Picture Presentation - Download (pptx)

The National Tribal Air Association and the
National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
held an informational webinar on October 6th, 2016 entitled,

“Regulating Methane for Existing Oil and Gas Operations: Wildlife, Health, and Public and
Tribal Land Considerations.”

From the webinar agenda, click on the links to view the presentations from the webinar:

1. Introductions and Overview of Webinar (Andy Bessler, NTAA and Garrit Voggesser, NWF)

2. Shannon Heyck-Williams (Senior Manager, Climate and Energy, National Wildlife Federation)Background about methane origins and impacts, and an overview of the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory approach.

3. Sarah Uhl (Program Director, Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, Clean Air Task Force)Health issues associated with oil and gas methane issues.

4. Minnie Grant (Air Quality Manager, Northern Ute Tribe)Impacts of Oil and Gas Development on the Northern Ute Reservation

NTAA Webinar for Tribes on the VW Settlement for Clean Air Act Violations
The National Tribal Air Association held this webinar on the VW Settlement regarding violations of the Clean Air Act on Thursday, August 18th, 2016. This webinar reviewed NTAA and TAMS comments to the U.S Department of Justice that were recently submitted regarding the historic $1.7 billion settlement, of which $50 million will be available to Tribes. Below you can download the presentation made by NTAA Policy Advisory Committee Member Pilar Thomas.

You may download the presentations from the webinar here:
     Presentation by NTAA Policy Advisory Committee member Pilar Thomas

Clean Energy Incentive Program Webinar
On July 21st, 2016, NTAA hosted an informational webinar entitled, "Tribal Perspectives on EPA's Proposed Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP)."

You may download the presentations from the webinar here:
     Presentation by NTAA Policy Advisory Committee member Pilar Thomas
     Presentation by Forest County Potowatomi's Sara Dresher

Air Sensor Webinar
On January 6th, 2016, NTAA hosted an informational webinar entitled, “The Impacts of Changing Air Sensor Technology in Indian Country.”
The Informational Webinar included a panel discussion along with a question and answers session for all attendees. Panelist included:

The Aleknagik Traditional Council worked with Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and partners to create several educational video on Indoor Air Quality including:

     Let’s Clear the Air: How to Take Care of Your HRV

     Let's Clear the Air: Simple Steps to a Healthier Home
     Click HERE to view video.

Final Clean Power Plan Webinar
     Presentation - WAPA Presentation on Grid Overview for CPP Webinar
     Presentation - Bob Gruenig's presentation for Clean Power Plan
     Presentation - EPA presentation for NTAA webinar Clean Power Plan

NTAA Webinar on U.S. EPA's Proposed Ground-level Ozone Standards: 1 Hour
Join Rich McAllister of NTAA's Policy Advisory Committee and others as they discuss EPA proposed revisions to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ground-level ozone. Rich reviews NTAA's comments to EPA and review EPA actions to control exposure to ozone, which disproportionately affects the health of Native Americans and Alaska Natives, affects plants species that are of cultural importance to some tribes, and produces smog. Rich answers specific questions for those planning on submitting comments to EPA by March 17th.

Call Agenda:

NTAA Clean Power Plan Webinar Series
Webinar 1 – Introduction to the rule – August 4th, 11 AM (PDT)

During this webinar, we will discuss the proposed rule, "The Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units". In addition, we will outline the four building blocks of the rule and explore the possible implications of this rule for Tribes.

Webinar 2 – The Carbon Rule: Implications for Indian Country, Panel Discussion– September 5th, 11 AM (PDT)
On this webinar, NTAA will host of panel of policy experts (listed below) who will shed light on to the economic, environmental, ecological, and health impacts on Tribal communities; Opportunities for communities if states invest renewable energy developments and energy efficiency in low-income communities; Job creation; Multi-jurisdictional planning; Opportunities for Tribes to comment of effective models (i.e. RPOs); and Exempt facilities on Tribal lands.

Bob Gruenig – NTAA Policy Advisory Committee
Garrit Voggesser – NTAA Policy Advisory Committee
Bob Gough – Intertribal Council on Utility Policy
Laura McKelvey – EPA OAQPS
Janice Nolen – American Lung Association
Jim Murphy – National Wildlife Federation

     Presentation - NTAAWebnr-CRSGruenig_PAC.pdf
     Presentation - NTAAWebnr-CRSMcKelvey_OAQPS.pdf
     Presentation - NTAAWebnr-CRSMosely_ALA.pdf

Webinar 3 – Review of NTAA comment letter and Tribal template letter – September 29th, 11 AM (PDT)
In the final webinar for this series, NTAA Policy Advisory Committee members and staff will present on the NTAA comment letter and Tribal template letter. NTAA staff will also provide an overview of how to adapt the Tribal template letter and how to submit comments to EPA on this and other rules.