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Graduation rates are presented below for all new undergraduate students assigned to a degree-seeking fall cohort since 1994. Graduation rates for post-baccalaureate students are not included due to the diverse goals of this population.

Degree posting occurs over several months following a semester and degrees are occasionally posted retroactively to an older semester. For this reason, counts of graduates may change slightly over time.

Cohorts are established using NAU’s official 21-Day census population and stringent IPEDS rules. The program/plan used in cohort reporting and assignments coincides with the census-day major and adheres to IPEDS regulations for cohort reporting.

The cohort process is run twice each fall and spring semester: once after the 21-Day census has been finalized (Preliminary CO1 Cohort) and again after the end of the semester (Revised CO2 Cohort). Revised Cohorts provide the most accurate graduation statistics because they better categorize students whose classification may not have been apparent on the 21-Day (due to late arriving transfer credit, etc.). Preliminary Cohort data are indicated by italic text. The CO2 process was implemented in 2012 and CO2 data were restated back to Fall 2004. Prior to Fall 2004, only CO1 data exist.

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Extract Date : 07/14/2024

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