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Below standard


  Stated grade level, topic, content area, and a rationale statement. Left out one or two areas of the intro. or did not include intro.

Behavioral Objectives


  Instructional goal and behavioral objectives are clear, included State Standards.  Instructional goal and behavioral objectives are vague. Did not use state standards or instruct. goals and obj. are missing.

Anticipatory Set

Contains multiple examples and detailed a script of what to say; examples of instruct. language included. Focused student attention on the lesson, a ‘grabber’, connected prior knowledge. Not really focused, did not connect with students’ prior knowledge or anticipatory  set missing.

Teacher Input

Contains a detailed script and several examples of input for students to gain content understanding; incorporated alternative learning styles. Provides basic information needed for students to gain the knowledge or skill. Instructional input is vague. Did not define where it is from the rest of the lesson or teacher input is missing.

Modeling the behavior

Several examples of how students are to go about completing the lesson, includes detailed script/description incorporating alternative learning styles. Once the material has been presented, the teacher uses it to show students examples of what is expected as an end product of their work. Vaguely showed students what is expected or modeling the outcome is missing.

Check for comprehension

Checking for comp. is detailed with multiple examples of how the teacher will do this throughout the lesson. Checking for comp. is stated with at least one example of how this will be done. Checking for comp. not stated anywhere in the lesson plan.

Guided practice

Several examples of activities are included that incorporate alt. learning styles, cooperative groups or individ. work. An opportunity for each student to demonstrate grasp of new learning by working through an activity or exercise under the teacher's direct supervision. Guided pract. is vague or no guided practice is present. 


 Clear, concrete, comprehensive; sets stage for new learning Actions or statements are provided that are designed to bring a lesson presentation to an appropriate conclusion. Closure is vague, or there is no closure mentioned.



Several examples of activities are included that incorporate alt. learning styles, cooperative groups, or individualized work. Lesson provides for reinforcement practice without teacher help; indep. practice is clearly linked to the lesson. Did not provide  independence from teacher guidance or no indep. practice mentioned.


Assessment incorporates the stated objectives and reflects lesson goal with multiple and alternative assessment strategies described in detail. An assessment is described with relevance to stated objectives; assess. data is collected or planned for collecting. There is an assessment, it but  it has little relevance to stated objectives or no assess. was mentioned in the lesson.


Examples of worksheets or info. attached with materials clearly stated and relevant to the lesson; books used are  referenced. Materials  are listed and directly related to the lesson format and content. Materials are incomplete, partly described, or materials are missing altogether.

Modifications for Students with Disabilities

Modifications and implementation procedures are clearly stated and appropriate for each of the five disability areas: ED, LD, MR, OI, OHI. Modifications and implementations are identified for each of the five disability areas. Modifications and implementations are not clearly identified (e.g., confusing, not sequential)

Technology Integration

Technology component and implementation is clearly linked to the goals and objectives of the lesson Comprehensive Technology component and implementation clearly linked to the goals and objectives of the lesson.
Technology component and implementation not clearly linked to the goals and objectives of the lesson.



  Neat, organized, no spelling and grammatical errors are present A few spelling and grammatical errors are present or too many spelling and grammatical errors are present.

Overall lesson plan evaluation

Exceeds criteria. Lesson plan is well thought out, content is sensitive to the students’ needs, and follows criteria in rubric. Lesson plan exhibits satisfactory characteristics as described in rubric. Meets passing criteria! Lesson plan needs to incorporate the missing criteria for a passing grade








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