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PFAS Publications

PFAS and Your Health: A Resource for Tribal Communities Fact Sheet
The Tribal PFAS Working Group in collaboration with the PFAS Project Lab developed a fact sheet titled "PFAS and Your Health: A Resource for Tribal Communities." The fact sheet provides information on the health concerns, exposure pathways, and ways to reduce exposure to PFAS. The Tribal PFAS Working Group would like to thank Kira Mok and the PFAS Project Lab for their assistance in developing the fact sheet. For more information on the PFAS Project Lab, please visit:

To access the fact sheet, click: HERE.

Interstate Technology Regulatory Council’s Updated PFAS Guidance
In September 2023, the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) released an updated PFAS-1 Technical and Regulatory Guidance Document. The guidance includes case studies, stakeholder perspectives, and challenges in addressing PFAS. To access the document, please visit:

EPA PFAS Strategic Roadmap 2021-2024
On October 18, 2021, the EPA released a PFAS Strategic Roadmap outlining an whole agency approach to address PFAS. The roadmap includes actions and commitments to safeguard public health, protect the environment and hold polluters accountable. To access the roadmap, please visit:

EPA’s Face Sheet: Human Health Toxicity Assessment for GenX Chemicals
In October 2021, the EPA released a fact sheet on its human health toxicity assessment for hexafluoropropylene oxide (HFPO) dimer acid and its ammonium salt, referred to as "chemicals." To access the fact sheet, click HERE.

EPA’s Issues in Food Waste Management Paper
In August 2021, the EPA released an issue paper on "Issues in Food Waste Management - Persistent Chemical Contaminants." The issue paper includes information on PFAS in food waste. To access the issue paper, click HERE.

For more information, please visit: