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Feel free to contact the following people if you have any questions about this website or ITEP's other Tribes & Climate Change projects.
Name Phone Email Position
Nikki Cooley 928-523-7046 Nikki.Cooley@nau.edu Co-Manager
Karen Cozzetto 928-523-6758 Karen.Cozzetto@nau.edu Co-Manager
Kelsey Morales 928-523-7793 Kelsey.Morales@nau.edu Assistant Manager
Kerri Sangster Kerri.Sangster@nau.edu Program Coordinator Sr.
Laureen Lewis 928-523-6327 Laureen.Lewis@nau.edu Administrative Assistant
Kelsey Jensen Kelsey.Jensen@nau.edu Research Associate
ITEP General Contact itep@nau.edu Training Information