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2016 Webinars:
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Alaska Tribal Climate Change Webinar
A quarterly call to share information about programs and resources to support Alaskan tribes in responding to the changing climate. Co-hosted by EPA R10’s Tribal Trust and Assistance Unit and the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals.

This call featured presentations by Nikki Cooley, ITEP’s climate change program’s co-manager, introducing some of the Climate tools developed by ITEP for Tribes and Michelle Davis, EPA Tribal Coordinator, discussed how to build climate activities into GAP workplans. Ms. Cooley discussed readily available tools and resources such as ITEP’s tribal climate change monthly newsletter, fact sheets, funding opportunity page, and adaptation planning toolkit.

Michelle highlighted sections in the GAP guidance that support Tribal planning for our changing climate, and shared examples of tribal adaptation plans that may serve as models.
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BIA’s Tribal Climate Resilience Program: Adaptation & Ocean/Coastal Planning, Travel Support, Youth Funding, and Capacity Building
This webinar for tribes and 638 eligible tribal organizations and tribal colleges will highlight the funding process for the Bureau of Indian Affair’s (BIA) tribal climate resilience award categories announced March 23, 2016: climate adaptation, ocean and coastal planning, youth internships, and capacity building. The webinar is being offered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) at Northern Arizona University. Presenters, Sean Hart, BIA Climate Change Coordinator, and Rachael Novak, BIA Climate Science Coordinator will provide a short overview and answer live general questions about the scope of the categories: climate adaptation, ocean and coastal planning, and youth internships, the review process, and the past history of awards.
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For more information please contact:
Nikki Cooley, Co-Director
Karen Cozzetto, Co-Manager