Curriculum Examples & Guidlines

Flagstaff Unified School District - School Garden Curriculum

The following school garden curricula were created for the largest school district in Flagstaff, AZ. The materials are adapted to Flagstaff’s altitude (7,000 ft.), poor soils, and relatively short growing season. These curricula materials were developed by:

Kirsten Novo -
In cooperation with, and funding from, Flagstaff Foodlink -

K-6 Garden Curricula:

Unit 1 – Plants are Life

Unit 2 – Plant Detectives

First Grade:
Unit 1
Unit 2

Second Grade:
Unit 1 - Bees
Unit 2 - Clouds

Third Grade:
Unit 1 - Are Two Crops Better Than One
Unit 2 - Seeds, The Record Keepers

Fourth Grade:
Unit 1 - Sustainable Gardening in AZ
Unit 2 - Water You Doing in the Garden
Hair Hygrometer -AZ Weather [docx]

Fifth Grade:
Unit 1 - Back to the Earth
Unit 2 - Cultural Gardens

Sixth Grade:
Unit 1 - Pollination
Unit 2 - From Farm to Fridge

Standards_Matrix [xlsx]