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School garden teaching & activities:

Starting a School Garden (06:38)
A fun video with nuts and bolts details on how to lay the groundwork for a new school garden.

Sustainable Urban School Farm: The Greenhouse Project (02:02)
An exciting project that brings a rooftop greenhouse garden to New York City to teach the kids about sustainability

School Sprouts: Birth of a Garden (07:48)
Adorable video with kids showing off their boxed garden in an urban school surrounded by concrete

Creating School Garden Rules (05:07)
Helpful guide to making rules with the students, for teachers who might worry about managing behavior in the garden

Composting at Crawford High School (02:41)
Paid garden interns at San Diego's Crawford High School learn about composting and growing food.

Raised Beds in the City (02:30)
Garden Girl explains why raised beds are the best in urban settings and gives some basic directions.

TEDx Manhattan - Stephen Ritz - Green Bronx Machine (14:42)
This infectiously enthusiastic teacher's classroom in the Bronx featured the first indoor edible wall in NYC and feeds 450 students.

The Edible Schoolyard Yields Seed-to-Table Learning (07:04)
Berkeley's Edible Schoolyard is an incredible program that helps urban middle school kids grow their own lunch.

Educational Reflection Garden (High School) (03:44)
High school students in Saginaw, Michigan present information about the garden they are building.

Fresh Ideas in Action #3: School Gardens in Early Education (06:40)
Educators in West Virginia help their students connect with the food source and get excited about what they eat.

Garden-Based Learning Videos (more than 80 videos)

Presentation by Lilian Hill on the activities of Hopi Tutskwa at the Quivera Coalition conference in New Mexico in 2011:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Ahkima on Hopi Dry Farming:

Ahkima’s Corn Field:

Thoughts of a Hopi Farmer – Michael Kotutwa Johnson

4,000 Year-old Corn – Janice and Joseph Day