Curriculum Examples & Guidlines

Curriculum Examples:

University of California – School Garden State Standards & Curriculum:

City Green School Garden Program, includes 28 units of curricula of 3 or more lessons each

How To Integrate Gardening Into Curriculum

Gardens for Learning – downloadable book

Creating a Three Sisters’ Garden

Cultivating Knowledge in the School Garden

Garden Based Learning Across the Curriculum

Free Gardening Lesson Plans PK-8

Granny’s Garden School – links to lesson plans for K-4

Living Classroom Curriculum K-8 – downloadable curriculum

Links to many lesson plans and curricula

Nutrition to Grow On - A Garden-Enhanced Nutrition Education Curriculum for Upper Elementary School Children – book can be downloaded

Sustainable Agricultural Curriculum

Sustainable Gardening and Foods Curriculum – Grades 7-10

The Great Garden Detective Adventure – Grades 3-4

The Integration of School Garden Programs into Educational Curriculum

Garden of Learning Curriculum K-6 (for purchase - some free samples)

Math in the Garden (book to purchase – some samples)

Setting Up and Running a School Garden – UN Manual for Teachers, Parents, and Communities - downloadable

Setting Up and Running a School Garden – Teaching Toolkit

School Composting Manual

Education and Garden Curriculum Integration – a Farm to School resource list

School Gardening – Curriculum Information and Resources

Kids Gardening – look at the School Gardening resources

LifeLab – extensive curricular and activities resources

Food-Related Curricula Take Root Nationwide - article