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About EEOP

Environmental Education:
The purpose of the Environmental Education Outreach Program (EEOP) Environmental Education (EE) website is to support both formal (classroom teachers) and informal (everybody else) educators conducting Environmental Education.

Good Environmental Education is good education. Data from national studies show that schools using Environment as an Integrating Context (EIC) for learning, improve in all academic areas. With the increasing emphasis on student performance, this is an important observation. Effective Environmental Education is ideal for helping students and educators improve critical thinking and problem solving skills. There are many reasons for the performance improvements. One reason particularly relevant to Native American learners is that Environmental Education provides a real world context for learning, linking the classroom to the needs of the community.

Good Environmental Education increases public awareness and fosters understanding of environmental issues. To ensure the survival of feature generations we must take care of our environment. Effective Environmental Education helps develop an environmentally responsible public and inspires personal responsibility in caring for the environment.

Good Environmental Education does not advocate a particular viewpoint or course of action. Rather, Environmental Education teaches individuals how to weigh various sides of an issue through critical thinking and it enhances their own problem-solving and decision-making skills.

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