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Indoor Air Quality

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Delmhorst TechScan Moisture Meter Nondestructive – NIST
Ambient Air Monitor

Multi-purpose meter that can be used in many applications including water damage restoration, home inspection, indoor air quality, woodworking, flooring installation. TechScan provides an effective way to identify moisture problems and determine if further action must be taken. When the meter is placed on wood or other hygroscopic building material, an electro-magnetic field penetrates approximately ¾ to 1 inch into the material. If you require a more complete evaluation of moisture conditions or need to penetrate through flooring, check behind drywall, or test lumber over 1-1/2” thick, we recommend using TechScan in conjunction with a Delmhorst resistance (pin-type) moisture meter. TechScan has two reading scales:

Wood : 5%-30% MC range for wood. Select when testing wood materials, such as flooring, trim, construction lumber, exterior siding.

Reference: 0-100 scale for non-wood hygroscopic materials. The numbers on this scale are relative or qualitative indications of moisture levels – not % moisture content. Select when testing building materials such as drywall, concrete, plaster, etc.

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US-EPA - TAMS Center
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Hayden Hardie
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