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AQS Fast Track

ITEP has assembled sequence of 14 short videos that provide targeted, bare-bones demonstrations of the basics of AQS. These are not designed to be a comprehensive training on all the functions of AQS, but instead provide demonstrations on those functions that are used routinely, including:

I need this training now because uploading data to AQS is in my current workplan. What do I do?

Begin with the videos at:
AQS Fast Track videos

If you are unable to access these videos due to bandwidth or other restrictions, please contact Melinda Ronca-Battista for a complimentary DVD.

It may take you a few days to obtain your AQS login credentials, and this process is explained in the 1st video. The 2nd video demonstrates how to access the best AQS user’s guide, which is relatively new and will answer many of your questions. Continue using the videos as a rough guide to the most commonly asked questions. The videos are ordered so that each video demonstrates one step of the process in short segments, so that you can watch a video, conduct the process, then move on to the next video, etc.

The videos are not a comprehensive guide to all the aspects of AQS, but instead cover short, targeted activities that most people must do as part of their exciting AQS experience. The videos do guide you through collecting the information you need to gather about your site and monitors in order to set up the AQS database so that you can upload data, how to check to see what information AQS already has about your sites and monitors, and how to conduct most commonly-encountered processes in AQS.

For more information, please contact:
Darlene Santos