Online Resources - Webinars, Software & Tools

The TAMS Center is committed to providing training on what people need, when they need it. Toward that end, we are developing several webinar series. Some series will involve short, targeted webinars that address specific topics, such as enabling computer functions to improve data management, and are informational only, involving no homework or completion certificates. Others will be more extensive curricula, involving multiple webinars and courses, homework, and certificates of completion. All our webinars have been developed in response to needs voiced by the tribal environmental monitoring community and are designed to work in conjunction with both classroom courses and individualized professional assistance.

Software & Tools
The TAMS Center and partners, such as the Western Regional Air Partnership, have developed a powerful suite of air-management software tools that are available to the tribes at no cost. Training is available to help tribal air professionals get up to speed on the software, via organized classroom sessions, online training and guidance, and informally by arrangement with ITEP staff.

Tribal Emissions Inventory Software Solution (TEISS): TEISS software provides a guided template for creating a tribal emissions inventory. For more information, contact

For more information, please contact:
Darlene Santos