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Chas Jones

Tribal Liaison for Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

Nortwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Chas joined the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) as their Tribal Liaison with the Northwest Climate Science Center. He is an interdisciplinary expert in the dynamic interactions between climate, water, ecology, and society. He acquired his Ph.D. in Hydrology from the University of Alaska, where he incorporated traditional knowledge and science to assess exposure of indigenous people to the impacts of climate change. In his postdoctoral research at the E.P.A., he assessed hydrologic vulnerability to climate across the continental U.S. Chas also acquired a M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy and a B.S. in Biology from Northern Arizona University, where he studied the ecological impacts of dams and the potential restoration of rivers through the removal of dams

Chas can be reached by e-mail at cejones@usgs.gov.

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