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Downloadable Methods
Dataset Name Description
Methods used to quantify fuels present on mortality studyfield plots.
Methods for setting-up field plots for mortality studys.
Methods used for soils sampling for mortality studies. Adapted from Herrick, J.E., W.G. Whitford, A.G. de Soyza, J.W. Van Zee, K.M. Havstad, C.A. Seybold, and M. Walton. 2001. Soil aggregate stability kit for field-based soil quality and rangeland health evaluations. Catena 44:27–35.
Methods used for classifying snags during mortality studies. Adapted from: Kearns, HSJ, WR Jacobi, and DW Johnson.  2005. Persistence of pinyon pine snags and logs in southwestern Colorado. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 20(4) 247-252

Downloadable Tools
Dataset Name Description
This program is designed to compute statistical properties of gridded ASCII files from source datasets. The program was originally designed to process PRISM climate data , however its scope has been expanded to be able to process any gridded ASCII file. README

ArcGIS Toolbox includes tools to calculate precipitation minus potential evapotranspiration (P-PE) for PRISM and GCM data available on our data page. To use this tool you must have ArcGIS 9.x and install the tool into ArcToolbox. The tool is zipped using 7-zip. To install the toolbox,

  • Save the Toolbox for P-PE.tbx to a folder on you PC.
  • Right-click on the ArcToolBox icon at the top of the ArcToolBox display > Add Toolbox...
  • Navigate to folder where you stored the P-PE toolbox, select the toolBox, and click Open. When opening, the Toolbox for P-PE automatically installs. No reboot is necessary.

README for Toolbox for P-PE



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