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About TAMS

TAMS Center Staff – Early Years

The first staff members of the TAMS Center included: Leroy Williams, ITEP Co-Director, Greg Budd, EPA Co-Director, Loretta Yazzie, Admin Assistant, Doug Evans EPA Technology Specialist. Mr. Williams served in the position for four months and then moved on. Annabelle Allison then replaced Leroy Williams in the ITEP TAMS Co-Director position for almost two years. Greg Budd left his position as the EPA TAMS Co-Director in late 2002 and was replaced by George Dilbeck in early 2003. Loretta Yazzie left the TAMS Center in 2001 and Lee Rose was hired in late 2001 as the TAMS Administrative Assistant.

Since 2000, the TAMS Center has been a source of technical assistance and training for tribal environmental professionals across Indian Country. In the early and formative years, the focus of the TAMS Center was particulate matter sampling. Filter-based particulate monitoring was used widely by tribal air quality programs across the country, but the complex and technical nature of this work required training and other support services. For this reason, the TAMS Center began offering technical training courses on operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and calibration of various particulate samplers, such as Mini-Vols, High-Vols, and Federal Reference Method (FRM) PM2.5 samplers.

Over the years, the TAMS Center began introducing new training courses to meet the ever increasing demand of tribal air programs in areas such as continuous monitoring, meteorological monitoring, indoor air quality, and monitoring criteria pollutants other than particulate matter, such as ozone and NOx.

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began placing more emphasis on documents such as Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) and Data Quality Objectives (DQOs), and requiring them to be included in the grant proposals from eligible tribes, the TAMS Center began addressing the need by offering courses in data management, QAPP, and Air Quality System (AQS).

In addition to training courses, the TAMS Center has continually provided individualized training and technical support to tribal professionals through its Professional Assistance program. This program allows TAMS Center staff to respond to requests from tribes by providing direct on-site assistance as well as responding to numerous telephone and email inquiries. Frequency of such requests also helps TAMS staff to identify possible classroom training course topics.

The TAMS Center also offers other services to assist tribes with their air monitoring projects. A gravimetric laboratory provides filters and service to tribes at no cost to the tribes. This service began in 2002 and was active through 2014 which offered the Gravimetric services on site (at the TAMS Center). This service is no longer provided to the tribes through the TAMS Gravimetric Laboratory since it closed down in September 2014. A commercial Gravimetric Laboratory was contracted to continue service to the tribes. During this transition, the continuous filter weighing service to the tribes never suffered.

An equipment loan service is another service that is available to the tribes at no cost. The equipment loan program contains monitoring equipment for both Indoor and ambient efforts. After receiving the equipment request, the EPA TAMS Co-Director will execute a simple loan agreement between the tribe and the agency for the duration of the loan. Equipment is always accompanied by calibration standards as they are needed for installation and calibration of the instruments at the tribal sites. TAMS Technical Specialist will be available for in person assistance if needed.

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