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About TAMS

TAMS Publications & Downloads:
The TAMS Center reaches out to EPA, Tribes, and other entities to inform them of TAMS Center activities and events. The TAM Outlook is published quarterly and distributed to individuals on request.

The TAMS Center Brochure is published annually. The brochure was designed specifically to serve as an explanatory guide highlighting TAMS present and future capabilities. It is both a basic overview and a presentation of the full spectrum of programs and services designed to meet the needs of Tribal air quality professionals in assisting them in improving their technical skills and their understanding of environmental monitoring management.

TAMS Technical Support Documents:
Stay Calm and Carry On [pdf]

Basic Backward Trajectory to GIS [pdf]

Basic Backward Trajectory to GIS [msWord]

TAMS Policy & Strategy Documents:
TAMS_Air Quality Filter Weighing ServiceGuidance [pdf]

TAMS SC Filter Weighing Service Concept Paper [pdf]

TAMS Technical Needs Assessment Report [pdf]

TAMS Outlook:
July 2012 - Wood Stove Change Out [pdf]

January 2012 - Primary Quality Assurance Organization [pdf]

July 2011 - Mold Matters How Moisture Makes it Possible [pdf]

February 2010 - TAMS Climate Change Toolkit [pdf]

March 2007 - Radon Outreach [pdf]

August 2006 - Dedication of the TAMS Learning Center [pdf]

January 2006 - Turbo-QAPP, Sheer Excitement in a New Package [pdf]

July 2005 - Tribal Residential Indoor Air Quality Training [pdf]

February 2005 - Alaska Tribes and IAQ [pdf]

August 2004 - The Gravimetric Laboratory [pdf]

March 2004 - The Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma and The Tar Creek Project [pdf]

November 2003 - The Church Rock Uranium Monitoring Project [pdf]

May 2003 - TAMS Learning Center [pdf]

March 2003 - Air Pollution Distance Learning Network (APDLN) [pdf]