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Melinda Ronca-Battista

Research Associate

Melinda Ronca-Battista

Melinda has worked for the Tribal Air Monitoring Support Center, which is a collaboration between Northern Arizona University and the US EPA, for four years. Before that she worked as a contractor conducting radiation safety audits of military bases, nuclear power plants, laboratories, and private facilities handling radioactive materials, and before the dawn of time she worked at the EPA Office of Radiation and Indoor Air in Washington DC.

Melinda is responsible for assisting all federally-recognized tribes with quality assurance issues such as preparation of QAPPs, data management, analysis, interpretation and reporting. To do this she conducts several week-long hands-on workshops each year, travels to tribal offices and works extensively with tribes via email.

Melinda can be reached by e-mail at Melinda.Ronca-Battista@nau.edu.