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TAMS Services

Gravimetric Laboratory Service:
The TAMS Center provides a gravimetric laboratory (filter weighing) service through a contractor and is currently taking applications from tribes whom are interested in using this service. Tribes and tribal consortia are eligible to apply for this service. Current guidance on how to use this service is being revised by the TAMS Steering Committee and will be available soon.

Generally, the service is for a limited term of up to a maximum of 1 year to allow tribes to get started with conducting air monitoring projects. Along with the weighing of sample filters the TAMS Center assists with data review and data validation to help tribes with their quality assurance requirements. Tribes interested in this service should complete the TAMS Center gravimetric laboratory service application.

Gravimetric Laboratory Service Application [docx]

Information regarding the TAMS Center gravimetric laboratory service include:

Service: Gravimetric analysis (filter weighing) of particulate samples (PM2.5, PM10) collected on a 47 mm PTFE filter.
Project types: Regulatory and Non-regulatory monitoring projects. Regulatory monitoring projects are 3yr sampling projects with the objective of obtaining a design value to compare against the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Non-regulatory air monitoring projects are for informational purposes and can vary in project length and sampling frequency (e.g. episodic, short-term, non-routine).
Service length: Up to a maximum term of 1 year of service
Data reports: Quarterly data reports provided from the laboratory
Data review: TAMS Center will assist tribes with review of data
For more information, please contact:
Farshid Farsi
US EPA - TAMS Center
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