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Welcome to Tribal Air Monitoring Support Center

The TAMS Center offers different training courses that focus on a variety of topics related to ambient and indoor air quality monitoring. To date, over 1,900 tribal professionals have been trained by the TAMS Center, representing 298 tribes.

TAMS Center courses have been designed to complement other American Indian Air Quality Training Program courses, and generally address more advanced air quality issues. Each course is designed with tribal audiences and issues in mind, integrating tribal case studies and tribal professionals as part of the instructional team in every course. Class size is kept to a minimum to ensure a higher level of interaction and one-on-one training opportunities with the instructors.

Christopher Lee
TAMS-EPA Co-Director:
Hayden Hardie

TAMS Steering Committee Nomination

The TAMS Steering Committee is composed of a rotating roster of tribal environmental professionals and ex officio members who meet regularly to discuss tribal air quality monitoring and other air quality technical support needs.

TAMS Steering Committee Nomination Form

Virgil Masayesva Tribal Air Programs Excellence Award

Virgil Masayesva was the Director of the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals at Northern Arizona University from its inception until his passing in 2005. Virgil is commemorated for his leadership, dedication, innovation and commitment to the support of tribal air programs; their creation, development, advancement and ultimate success in promoting tribal sovereignty, tribal culture and tribal environmental protection. This award was developed to recognize and perpetuate continuing contributions to that legacy.

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Virgil Masayesva Tribal Air Programs Excellence Award Nomination Form

TAMS Needs Assessment

The Tribal Air Monitoring Support (TAMS) Center has developed an online Technical Needs Assessment form to identify the technical support requirements of tribal air quality programs nationwide. The goal of this Needs Assessment is to aid in the development of services that better meet tribal air program goals and objectives. The form asks for specific information related to both ambient air quality and indoor air quality concerns that affect Tribes. Input obtained through this online questionnaire will help identify focus areas and support needs so that future technical training and support can be tailored to for Tribes. We appreciate your input.

For any questions, feel free to contact either of the TAMS Co-Directors.

Christopher Lee
Hayden Hardie

Email Listserv

Tribal Air Monitoring Support Listserv (for air quality monitoring equipment, spare parts and project assistance and information exchange.)