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AIMER - American Indian Mobile Education Resource

AIMER Program Overview
The American Indian Mobile Educational Resources (AIMER) classroom is a mobile computer laboratory that is used to teach concepts of physics and astronomy and engineering to pre-college Native American students at K-12 schools on rural Indian reservations in Arizona. The project is operated in partnership with the Environmental Education Outreach Program (EEOP) with support from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences and the Raytheon Corporation. AIMER was originally made possible in 1995 by a computer grant from the Intel Corporation and generous support from NAU's Office of the Vice Provost for Research. The classroom trailer houses five, Pentium-class computers with associated peripherals and carries a portable computer operated 8-inch Meade telescope that is used in public evening programs for the local reservation school communities.

Request an AIMER Visit
AIMER can be requested by a teacher at any reservation school in Arizona to supplement his or her classes during the academic year at no charge to the school. Scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, the computer facility is set up on the school grounds, to give students and teacher a 30 to 45 minute session with the introductory astronomy programs by lead by AIMER Program Coordinator. Evening community telescope shows often accompany the classroom activities.

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