Water Education

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Water Education

Teacher Workshops
The EEOP staff provides workshops for educators of Native American students on a variety of water education curriculum. The workshops are typically structured so that participants can experience the hands-on, inquiry-based activities.

Water Education and Outreach - TEACHER Workshops:

Educators learn about ground water during a workshop. The Ground Water Models provide students an opportunity to create simulations to learn about issues such as ground water contamination plumes.
Educators participate in an inquiry-based activity called "Sparkling Water", a Project WET activity. The participants are challenged to clean a simulated wastewater sample.
Educators learn about reclaiming wastewater during a workshop. The plant operator shows a sample of the treated water available from the Flagstaff treatment plant.
Educators participate in a whole-body Project WET activity called "Incredible Journey." The journey of a water molecule is documented using colored beads.

For more information, please contact:
Mansel Nelson