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Water Education

WINS - Wildlife in Native Schools:
The Wildlife in Native Schools Program (WINS) was developed to help tribal students in Arizona observe, explore and explain our relations with the natural world. This program is funded through a grant from Arizona Game and Fish Department as part of their Heritage Fund Program. Students will observe wildlife of Arizona, learn about conservation efforts, and develop knowledge of wildlife careers.

The WINS program consists of many activities such as a teacher workshop, classroom presentations, observational field trips and community events, to help students learn about the natural world and wildlife in their own backyard. Topic areas for these activities will focus on predator-prey relationships, food chain, biodiversity, wildlife career opportunities, and the effects of good or poor air, water, and soil quality on an ecosystem.

One of the major goals of the WINS Program is to see students get excited about learning. This excitement can develop into a love of learning that will serve them throughout their lives. We hope that this program can be a catalyst leading students to pursue a higher education and take an active role in protecting and conserving our natural heritage.

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WINS - Bird Watching:

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