Air Quality

Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Building Assessments:
The EEOP program has IAQ Kits and staff available to work with students and teachers to complete an IAQ assessment of their school building. The instruments in the IAQ Kit facilitate air quality measurements such as carbon dioxide, radon, carbon monoxide, relative humidity, air movement, surface temperature, moisture, etc. The staff will also help students and teachers use the USEPA IAQ Tools for Schools kit to identify potential air quality issues.

There are three key components of the IAQ Building Assessments:

The data and observations collected during the Building Assessment will be provided to the school administration for their information and action. This is an educational program, not a regulatory program. Only the school staff receives the assessment reports.

The building assessments can be done in a variety of formats. The one requirement is that teachers and students from the school district be involved in the assessment; the EEOP staff does not do assessments for your school.

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