Air Quality

Air Quality

Request for IAQ Building Assessments:
The EEOP staff is available to assist students and educators with conducting an IAQ Building Assessment of their school building. The EEOP staff does not conduct the assessment. The EEOP staff teaches how to conduct the IAQ Building Assessment and the staff is willing to work with teachers and students conducting the IAQ Assessment.

The IAQ Building Assessment involves evaluating the building in terms of indoor environmental conditions that have potential impacts on occupant health, safety, comfort, performance, and quality of life. The teachers and students will prepare a report as part of the building assessment. This report may propose basic recommendations to upgrade current practices, as well as suggest modification and/or renovations to the building that will improve the indoor environment. The recommendations are intended as a guide to improve the indoor environment to a basic "good practice" level.

Data and observations collected by students and teachers will be reported directly to the building manager. The information obtained during the IAQ Building Assessment is for school use only, not for public dissemination. This is a voluntary program with no regulatory authority. Data from the assessment is not reported to the USEPA or any other regulatory agency. Any future references to the assessment by the EEOP staff will not include your school name or location.


Attached please find a letter for the Principal that explains the IAQ Building Assessment process.
Principal Letter [pdf]

Attached please find a form that can be used to request EEOP staff to help with an IAQ Building Assessment.
Service Request Form [doc]

For more information, please contact:
Mansel Nelson