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Water Education

Student Workshops
The EEOP staff provides workshops for Native American students. Some workshops are conducted during normal class sessions, others are provided in youth summer programs or community events. We want to increase hydrological literacy and spark interest of native students in hydrological careers.

Water Education and Outreach - STUDENT Workshops:

Students from the Hopi Youth Summer Program learn about erosion by doing a whole body Project WET activity called "Passing Through." Bare earth results in higher erosion rates.
Students from Tuba City Junior High School learn about non-point source pollution during a Saturday Academy session. The Project WET activity called "Sum of the Parts" helps students understand the impact of human activities on surface water.
Students from Rocky Ridge Boarding School learn about ground water during a Saturday Academy session. The Ground Water Models provide students an opportunity to create simulations to learn about issues such as ground water contamination plumes.
Students from the Hopi Youth Summer Program make water quality measurements on effluent from a Hopi water treatment plant. The students use GLOBE hydrology protocols to measure turbity, pH, conductivity, temperature, and dissolved oxygen. The data will help the Hopi village determine how to use the effluent.

For more information, please contact:
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