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Tribal Brownfields Funding Examples:

Back to Hazardous Substances Map The "Tribal Brownfields and Response Programs: Respecting Our Land, Revitalizing Our Communities" report explores how tribes are using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brownfields funding to address contaminated land in Indian country and discusses the challenges they face. It provides an historic overview of EPA's Brownfields Program, as it relates to tribes, and includes examples of tribal successes to both highlight accomplishments and serve as a resource for ideas, information and reference.

For updated versions of EPA’s State and Tribal Brownfields Publications go to:
EPA’s BF Publications

For current newsletters describing the progress that states and tribes are making to address contaminated land in their communities go to:
EPA’s BF State & Tribal Program Updates

Here are some additional examples of what Tribes have done with Brownfields, other sources of funding, and technical assistance: