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Nineteen Navajos graduated, in December 2012, from the Environmental Protection Agency's first Superfund Job Training Initiative program on a tribal nation. The attached article is a summary of three-week federal training program that certified them to handle radioactive waste in contamination cleanups.
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Superfund Job Training Initiative Brochure:
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Superfund Redevelopment at EPA helps communities return some of the nation's worst hazardous waste sites to safe and productive uses. In addition to cleaning up these Superfund sites and making them protective of human health and the environment, the Agency is working with communities and other partners in considering future use opportunities and integrating appropriate reuse options into the cleanup process. The Agency is also working with communities at sites that have already been cleaned up to ensure long-term stewardship of site remedies and to promote reuse.

Superfund Redevelopment Brochure:
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