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Contaminants of Concern:

Contaminants of Concern:

Currently about 1,200 substances are listed as hazardous substances under CERCLA. In addition to RCRA defined hazardous wastes, CERCLA hazardous substances also include hazards and toxics defined by:
  1. Clean Air Act (CAA)
  2. Clean Water Act (CWA)
  3. Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA)

CERCLA hazardous substances are listed Table 302.4 in 40 CFR 302.4 [pdf] and are separated by the abovementioned areas. CERCLA hazardous substances also include RCRA defined hazardous wastes, which are designated in the table in 40 CFR 302.4. It should be noted that the Code of Federal Regulations under Title 40 should be investigated for any exceptions and exemptions and for specific information.