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Possible/Probable Contaminants Related to Land Uses [pdf]

Tribal Hazardous Sites 2004 Report [pdf]

OSHA Guidance Manual [pdf]

EPA Science and Ecosystem Support Division Waste Sampling Guidance [pdf]


Office of Emergency Management (EPA):

Cleaning Up Our Land, Water, and Air:

How to find, determine, and assess a contaminated site:
Environmental Justice Viewer (find federally registered hazardous sites) (EPA):

National Priorities List (EPA):

Hazard Ranking System (mechanism EPA uses to place uncontrolled waste sites on the NPL):

CLU-IN (Contaminated Site Clean-up Information):

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Coal Mining

Federal Facilities


Common contaminated sites include: landfills, manufacturing plants, transportation spills, storage accidents, abandoned buildings, old fuel-storage tank farms, old canneries and fish processing facilities, abandoned or inactive dumpsites, logging camps, old civilian federal facilities such as schools and hospitals