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Chemical Databases

EPAs Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) is a database containing data on disposal or other releases of over 600 toxic chemicals from thousands of U.S. facilities. It also contains information about how facilities manage those chemicals through recycling, energy recovery, and treatment. One of TRI's primary purposes is to inform communities about toxic chemical releases to the environment.

EPA's Risk-Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI) is a screening tool developed by EPA that analyzes risk factors to put TRI release data into a chronic health context. RSEI is often used by government regulators, communities, journalists, industry and others to examine trends, identify important emissions situations for follow-up, support community-based projects, and initially screen potential impacts of emissions. Information can be sorted in numerous ways such as by chemical, media, geographic areas, etc.

National Response Center supports an online query system that makes all oil and chemical spill data reported to the Center available online. Searches can be done based on suspected responsible company, location, material involved, state, county, etc. and can be customized for each request.