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Contaminated Sites

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Contaminated Sites:

Back to Hazardous Substances Map What is a contaminated site?

Contaminated sites are sites that are known, or suspected, to pose significant risks to the Tribal community, its traditional practices, and/or subsistence resources. It may be a site that is contaminated by old mining wastes, metals, organic and inorganic chemicals, and other hazardous substances that present human health risks through releases to soil, air, ground and surface waters and sediment. These sites may also threaten sensitive habitats for plants, fish, and wildlife.

It is impossible to describe the "typical" contaminated site because they are all so very different. Many are landfills. Others are manufacturing plants where operators improperly disposed of wastes. Some are large federal facilities with different areas of contamination from various military activities. Transportation spills, other industrial processes, natural disasters, or storage accidents account for some hazardous waste releases. The result can be fires, explosions, toxic vapors, and contamination of groundwater used for drinking.

Is there an area or site in or near your community that residents are concerned about? Your site(s) may be identified with one or more of the federal programs/databases listed below under Related Pages. However, many contaminated sites are not listed on the federal or even on the state level.