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Self-Paced Tutorials: Tribal Data Toolbox

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Course Description:
The Tribal Data Toolbox is a completely free, stand-alone database tool designed specifically for tribal air programs. The Toolbox can store and manage all ambient air monitoring data, including criteria pollutants (both manual filter and continuous methods), meteorological data, QC and audit data, as well as administrative information such as personnel, site information, and equipment tracking. The Tribal Data Toolbox provides a mechanism for reviewing and validating data and incorporates the US EPA QA Handbook validation templates, so that a user can see what EPA recommends, but the tribal user is at all times in charge of how their data is validated, interpreted, and reported. AQS data files, summary and detailed reports, as well as many customizable charts can be used, printed, and excerpted for reports or presentations of the data, as well as export to other MS programs such as Excel. The Toolbox is a form-driven, user-friendly Microsoft Access database; no previous Access experience is necessary, however a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows applications is required. Users of the Tribal Data Toolbox are provided with SOPs for each step which the tribe can use as data review, validation, and reporting SOPs.

Online material (text and multi-media) will be interspersed with assignments in which participants practice the skills introduced during the modules. Every exercise is accompanied by at least one video which demonstrates the exercise, as well as diagrams, examples, and written materials.

Live webinars will not be held for this course, but ITEP will assist individually with the installation of the Toolbox and any questions via GoToMeeting, and participants are encouraged to email or call the instructors for assistance.

Topics include:

Participants must be currently monitoring or collecting relevant data. The following ITEP courses (or equivalent training/experience) are required:

For more information please contact:
Lydia Scheer

Project Director