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Volkswagen Settlement:

How Tribes Can Apply For VW Settlement Funds

Northern Arizona University’s Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) has been identified in the VW Settlement Trust Agreement as the technical assistance provider for Tribes. ITEP can assist by answering technical questions, reviewing application forms, and provide feedback to assist Tribes with the application process. For more information please e-mail ITEP here.

The VW Settlement is currently on hold while the court considers approval of a modified trust agreement. ITEP will be assisting Tribes fill out the necessary forms after the court approves the new trust agreement expected in September, 2018.

More information on how Tribes can apply for VW Settlement Funds will be posted after court approval.

Trustee: Wilmington Trust N.A.

The trustee for the settlement is Wilmington Trust. You can find updates and additional information on the settlement by clicking here.

Appendix D-2: Trust Agreement For Indian Tribe Beneficiaries Eligible Mitigation Actions

Here is a detailed list of vehicles that eligible Tribal beneficiaries may use to replace or repower utilizing funding from the settlement.

Click HERE to view.

Helpful Web Links

ITEP VW Technical Assistance Program Work Plan and Budget
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NASEO & NACAA VW Settlement Clearinghouse
EPA’s fact sheet on the DERA Option in the Volkswagen Settlement for Tribes
Use this site to look up your vehicle specifics such as class rating on the vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number).