About Us:


ITEP Team and contact information:
(all phone numbers are in the 928 area code except where noted)

Front Office/Administration and Support
Ann Marie Chischilly Excecutive Director 523-9555 Ann-Marie.Chischilly@nau.edu
Melinda Yaiva Accountant 523-6408 Melinda.Yaiva@nau.edu
Ty Jones Application Systems Analyst 523-1326 Ty.Jones@nau.edu
Ondrea Barber Online Course Program Manager 602/526-4358 Ondrea.Barber@nau.edu

Air Quality
Lydia Scheer Program Manager 523-6887 Lydia.Scheer@nau.edu
Pat Ellsworth Curriculum Coordinator - AIAQTP 523-6721 Patricia.Ellsworth@nau.edu
Sharlene Brown Administrative Assistant 523-5504 Sharlene.Brown@nau.edu
Christy Nations Administrative Assistant - Logistics Coordinator 523-7792 Christy.Nations@nau.edu
Dennis Wall Editor 714-1906 Dennis.Wall@nau.edu

Environmental Education Outreach Program
Mansel Nelson Program Coordinator, Sr. 523-1275 Mansel.Nelson@nau.edu

Exchange Network
Lydia Scheer Program Manager 523-6887 Lydia.Scheer@nau.edu
Natasha Fulton Research Specialist 523-8279 Natasha.Fulton@nau.edu

Waste & Response Management
Todd Barnell Program Manager 523-3840 Todd.Barnell@nau.edu
John Mead Program Coordinator, Sr. 523-2005 John.Mead@nau.edu
Jennifer Williams Program Coordinator, Sr. 523-0673 Jennifer.Williams@nau.edu
Julie Jurkowski Program Coordinator, Sr. 523-9404 Julie.Jurkowski@nau.edu

Climate Change
Nikki Cooley Co-Manager 523-7046 Nikki.Cooley@nau.edu
Karen Cozzetto Co-Manager 523-6758 Karen.Cozzetto@nau.edu
Colleen Davis Administrative Assistant 523-6327 Colleen.Davis@nau.edu
Fletcher Wilkinson Program Coordinator 523-1488 Fletcher.Wilkinson@nau.edu

TAMS Center
Chris Lee TAMS Co-Director 702/784-8278 Christopher.Lee@nau.edu
Farshid Farsi EPA Co-Director 702/784-8263 Farsi.Farshid@epa.gov
Darlene Santos Administration/Support 702/784-8264 Darlene.Santos@nau.edu
Glenn Gehring Technology Specialist 541/612-0899 Glenn.Gehring@nau.edu
Melinda Ronca-Battista Research Associate 480/759-1544 Melinda.Ronca-Battista@nau.edu
Angelique Luedeker Research Specialist 282-8101 Angelique.Luedeker@nau.edu

Tribal Clean Energy Resource Center
Karin Wadsack Project Director 523-0715 Karin.Wadsack@nau.edu
Debby Tewa Technical/Instructional Specialist

National Tribal Air Association
Andy Bessler Project Director 523-0526 Andy.Bessler@nau.edu
Elaine Wilson Program Coordinator, Sr. 480/452-6774 Elaine.Wilson@nau.edu
Dara Marks Marino Research Specalist 853-6774 Dara.Marks-Marino@nau.edu

College of, Engineering, Forestry, & Natural Sciences
Bill Auberle Professor, Retired
Terry Baxter Associate Professor 523-2008 Terry.Baxter@nau.edu
Paul Trotta Professor 523-4330 Paul.Trotta@nau.edu
Bridget Bero Professor & Chair 523-2051 Bridget.Bero@nau.edu

EPA/TAMS Associates
Ron Frass Director, National Center for Radiation Field Operations 702/784-8220 fraass.ron@epa.gov
Bob Mosley Gravimetric Lab Coordinator 702/784-8266 mosley.robert@epa.gov
Alfonso Yadao Equipment Manager 784-8268 Yadao.Alfonso@epa.gov