ITEP Training:

ITEP Training

Our goal is to assist in the professional development and exchange of information for tribal staff in order to enhance the operations and performance outcomes of environmental management.

We strive to achieve this by providing training in relevant and current topics through the use of accomplished trainers who also understand the cultural aspects of tribes throughout the United States.

Dates Program/Course Name Location

Nov 6-8 AIAQTP - Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Tribal Communities Albuquerque, NM
Nov 14-16 AIAQTP - Treatment as a State (TAS) Las Vegas, NV
Dec 4-6 AIAQTP - Fundamentals of Air Monitoring Las Vegas, NV

Jan 9-12 AIAQTP - Introduction to Tribal Air Quality Flagstaff, AZ
Jan 23-25 WASTE - Strategic Planning for Waste Diversion Reno, NV
Feb 6-9 AIAQTP - IAQ Diagnostic Tools Las Vegas, NV
Feb 27 - Mar 2 AIAQTP - Air Quality Computations Phoenix, AZ
Mar TBD WASTE - Developing and Implementing a Tribal Recycling Program TBD
Mar 13-16 AIAQTP - Air Pollution Technology Flagstaf, AZ
Mar 27-28 AIAQTP - Air Quality Planning for Wildland Smoke Boise, ID
Apr 17-19 AIAQTP - GIS for Air Quality Las Vegas, NV
Apr 17-20 AIAQTP - Air Quality in Alaska AK
May 1-3 AIAQTP - Management of Tribal Air Programs and Grants TBD
Jun TBD WASTE - Developing and Implementing a Tribal Composting Program TBD
Jun 5-8 AIAQTP - Air Pollution and Ecosystems Flagstaff, AZ
Sept TBD WASTE - Strategic Planning for Waste Diversion TBD

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