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Todd Barnell

Program Manager

Todd Barnell

Todd Barnell joined ITEP on August 12, 2002, and currently manages ITEP’s programs involving solid waste, source reduction, brownfields, Superfund and other contaminated sites, USTs, and emergency response issues.

Todd was born and raised in Indiana and worked for his Alma Mater, Indiana University, first as a public relations specialist for the School of Music, and then on a climate change research project. After moving to Flagstaff in 1999 with his partner and two cats, Todd worked for the Ecological Restoration Institute and The Nature Conservancy, before coming to ITEP.

Protecting, and enjoying, our natural environment has always been his passion. During Flagstaff’s short growing season, you can usually find Todd trying to grow as much food as possible. During the other eight months of the year he’s usually ambling along a trail, reading, birding, or sighing over a stack of seed catalogs.

Todd can be reached by e-mail at Todd.Barnell@nau.edu.

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