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About Us:

Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP):
ITEP was created to act as a catalyst among tribal governments, research and technical resources at Northern Arizona University (NAU), various federal, state and local governments, and the private sector, in support of environmental protection of Native American natural resources. ITEP was established at NAU in 1992, in cooperation with USEPA. ITEP accomplishes its mission through several programs.

"ITEP strengthens tribal capacity and sovereignty in environmental and natural resource management through culturally relevant education, research, partnerships and policy-based services."

"A healthy environment for strong, self-sustaining tribal communities."

Information downloads:

Click HERE for ITEP brochure [pdf]

ITEP logo:

The ITEP logo depicts the earth with Hopi/Pueblo symbols:

Sun (Hopi)
Rainbow lines are for design only
Cloud/Rain (Hopi)
The red half circle with jagged edges is Pueblo pottery design for earth
The blue pattern at bottom is Pueblo pottery design for water

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