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Saturday Academy

Project Goals:
The Saturday Academy program provides students from the Navajo Nation an on-campus pre-college experience with emphasis in mathematics, science and technology. The program goals include exposing students to a college experience, learning how to apply mathematics, science, and technology to local environmental issues, and learning about college preparation and admissions. Students are encouraged to consider college option following completion of high school. Students also build mentoring relationships with the college students who act as assistant instructors during the various activities

The Institute for Environmental Professionals (ITEP) through the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Indian Air Quality Training Program (AIAQTP) provides funding for the EEOP program coordinator salary and the EEOP staff salary (administrative assistant, graduate assistant, and student workers), as well as supplies and any guest speakers, depending on the themes selected.

Content for the program is taken from various curriculum projects supported by EEOP such as Project AIRE, GLOBE, SEPUP, Project WET, FOSS, and Family Math. A variety of local environmental issues are considered for the focus of the program.

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