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Waste & Response:

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Waste & Response

Waste & Response:
Working with our federal partners, as well as tribes throughout Indian Country and Alaska, ITEP has developed two distinct programs focused on a broad range of waste management activities.

Tribal Solid Waste Education and Assistance Program (TSWEAP): This program is funded through a variety of sources and is focused on providing training courses and technical assistance to tribal professionals working in solid waste management.

As part of the TSWEAP program we also recruit tribal "mentors" - tribal staff members who have expertise in various aspects of waste management, brownfields, contaminated sites, USTs, and emergency response - who are willing to give their time and share their knowledge with other tribal employees who may be facing challenges in these areas. If you are interested in serving as a mentor or in working with another tribal environmental professional that may be able to help you out, please check out our mentor tab for more details and fill out the online form. We’d love to hear from you!

Mentorship Program:
Interested in working with a mentor? Check out our Mentor Page
Please contact Todd Barnell ( or Julie Jurkowski ( with any questions.

Tribal Waste and Response Assistance Program (TWRAP): This program is funded by US EPA's Office of Land and Emergency Management and has a broader mandate. Although TSWEAP activities focus primarily on solid waste and solid waste reduction, TWRAP covers additional areas of concern, such as brownfields, contaminated sites, hazardous materials, Underground Storage Tanks, and emergency response programs conducted by Native American communities and Alaskan Native villages. As part of TWRAP activities, ITEP:

Please read more about each of these activities through the tabs on the left.

For more information please contact:
Todd Barnell, Project Director

Jennifer Williams, Program Coordinator, Sr.
National Tribal Toxics Council and TWRAP

Julie Jurkowski, Program Coordinator, Sr.