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Waste & Response:

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Waste & Response

We know how helpful it can be for tribal professionals to learn directly from one another. While ITEP’s waste and response staff are here to help you, we also coordinate a variety of mentor activities where you can work directly with another tribal professional who has dealt with challenges you may be currently facing. Since 2014 we have matched scores of Tribal professionals with their peers at other Tribal Nations and Alaskan Native Villages. We’ve sent a Tribal farm expert and the Superfund manager to another Tribe where they could learn more about creating their own compost to assist their restoration work and learn how to connect Indigenous food production to cleaning up their land. We helped bring together multiple Native Villages so they could marshal their resources and figure out how to create a recycling ‘spoke and hub’ system on their island. We brought together business staff from a Tribe with three Tribal staff and an industry expert in a virtual meeting, so they could make sure their plans for a new travel center and grocery store not only met UST requirements but also looked to the future and fully supported their broader community. We made it possible for a Tribal source reduction professional to visit another Tribe’s award-winning ReUse Store, where she met not only managers but the staff on the floor, accountants, and others running the operation.

This mentor match project allows you to request either a virtual meeting or an in-person visit (where the mentor visits you, or you visit them). While we review every application for this project, and try our best, we may not be able to find an appropriate mentor for you! If you are interested please click below for the online application.

To apply online click HERE.

For more information please contact:
Todd Barnell, Project Director

Julie Meikowski, Assistant Manager