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Tribal Clean Transportation:

Tribal Clean Transportation Technical Assistance Resources

Listed here are some additional Tribal Clean Transportation Technical assistance resources for Tribes:

The Rural and Tribal Assistance Pilot Program joins the Thriving Communities Program, the Regional Infrastructure Accelerators and other new technical assistance opportunities at DOT to ensure communities have the needed tools to access federal funding and financing for transformative infrastructure projects.

Rural Opportunities to Use Transportation for Economic Success (ROUTES) is an initiative to address disparities in rural transportation infrastructure by developing user-friendly tools and information, aggregating DOT resources, and providing technical assistance. The ROUTES Initiative aims to ensure rural transportation infrastructure’s unique challenges are considered in order to meet priority transportation goals of safety, mobility, and economic competitiveness. Additional DOT technical assistance resources can be found on the DOT Navigator.

Joint Office of Energy and Transportation: The Joint Office is facilitating the adoption of electrified transportation in collaboration with Tribal nations by providing comprehensive technical assistance and resources.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA): The Transportation Technical Assistance Coordination Library (TACL) provides a sustainable methodology and platform for access and findability of rural and Tribal transit coordination resources across a diverse range of transportation technical assistance centers and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

U.S. DOT, Federal Transit Administration Program: Training and technical assistance needs of rural, and Tribal transit operators across the nation, and to support the state RTAP programs

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL): NREL provides technical assistance related to energy use and future scenarios for U.S. state, local, and Tribal jurisdictions.

Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy provides federally recognized Indian Tribes, including Alaska Native villages, Tribal energy development organizations, and other organized Tribal groups and communities, with technical assistance to advance tribal energy projects.