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Tribal Partnerships Groups:

The TWRAP Steering Committee meeting in Washington DC with USEPA OSWER Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus.
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Tribal Partnerships Groups

ITEP is proud to work in collaboration with tribes and the EPA to administer and provide support to several Tribal Partnerships Groups. The Tribal Partnership Groups are each unique, consisting of tribal environmental professionals that volunteer their time and share their expertise to advance policy and technical issues in collaboration with the US Environmental Protection Agency and others.

NTWC: National Tribal Water Council
NTWC The NTWC was established to advocate for the best interests of federally-recognized Indian and Alaska Native Tribes, and Tribally-authorized organizations, in matters pertaining to water. It is the intent of the NTWC to advocate for the health and sustainability of clean and safe water, and for the productive use of water for the health and well-being of Indian Country, Indian communities, Alaska Native Tribes and Alaska Native Villages.
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NTAA: National Tribal Air Association
NTAA Since its founding in 2002, the NTAA has been a leading voice for tribal air quality issues, programs and policies. With over seventy (70) principal member tribes, the NTAA’s mission is to advance air quality management and policies and programs, consistent with the needs, interests, and unique legal status of American Indian tribes and Alaskan Natives. The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (US EPA) Office of Air (OAR) funds the NTAA.
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NEIEN: National Environmental Information Exchange Network
TXG The Tribal Exchange Network Group (TXG) helps to disseminate information to tribes about inclusion in the National Environmental Information Exchange Network (NEIEN, or EN). The EN aims to share environmental, health, geographic, and other types of data between tribes, states, and territories through the Internet using common data standards. The EN’s goal is to improve decision making by giving Network partners access to consistent, accurate environmental data. The Exchange Network is jointly governed by representatives from US EPA, States, and Tribes.
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TWARSC: Tribal Waste and Response Steering Committee
TWARSC ITEP established, and coordinates, the Tribal Waste and Response Steering Committee, which is composed of ten tribal professionals working in Superfund, brownfields, USTs, emergency response, and solid waste. This committee provides two-way communication between EPA and tribal professionals, produces an annual Priority Document utilized by senior EPA management, and helps organize the TLEF.
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TAMS: Tribal Air Monitoring Support Center
TAMS TAMS Center courses have been designed to complement other American Indian Air Quality Training Program courses, and generally address more advanced air quality issues. Each course is designed with tribal audiences and issues in mind, integrating tribal case studies and tribal professionals as part of the instructional team in every course.
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TCC: Tribes & Climate Change
The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals established its Tribes & Climate Change Program in 2009 to provide support and be responsive to the needs of tribes that are preparing for and currently contending with climate change impacts.
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TPPC: Tribal Pesticide Program Council
The Tribal Pesticide Program Council (TPPC) is a tribal technical resource and program and policy development dialogue group, focused on pesticides issues and concerns. The TPPC assists tribes in building tribal pesticide programs, providing pesticide education and training, and researching, developing and presenting a broad range of tribal pesticide-related issues and concerns. It is the intent of the TPPC to focus on pesticides and be as inclusive as possible for all tribes and tribal organizations that have pesticide issues and concerns.
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Volkswagen Settlement
Northern Arizona University’s Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) has been identified in the VW Settlement Trust Agreement as the technical assistance provider for Tribes. ITEP can assist by answering technical questions, reviewing application forms, and provide feedback to assist Tribes with the application process.
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