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NEIEN: National Environmental Information Exchange Network

Tribal Support for the Exchange Network

ITEP is working with the Tribal Governance Group (TGG) and EPA’s Office of Environmental Information (OEI) to support tribal involvement in the National Environmental Information Exchange Network (NEIEN or "Network"). The NEIEN is a collaborative endeavor that strives to support better environmental decisions through improved exchange of, and access to, environmental data and information.

This effort will focus on expanding tribal participation in the NEIEN, which is guided by representatives from States, Territories, Tribes, and EPA. ITEP will work with tribes to facilitate a unified tribal voice amongst the NEIEN partners, and identify ways to help foster projects and initiatives that are both relevant and sustainable for tribes.

We are interested in hearing from tribes regarding current needs, priorities, and challenges with respect to Exchange Network activities. If you have insight or feedback, or would like to learn more about how the Exchange Network can work for tribes, please contact the ITEP project staff listed below.

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More Information:
For additional information and resources about this project, including tribal profiles, announcements and updates, please visit the Tribes & the Exchange Network Website:
Find information on EPA grants for the Exchange Network here:

For more information please contact:
Lydia Scheer, Program Manager