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IAQTC: Indoor Air Quality in Tribal Communities

Asthma Education:

The Arizona American Indian Asthma Coalition

To raise awareness about the importance of Asthma as a serious health concern by providing education and resources on Asthma prevention, environmental triggers and control to agencies, schools, and communities to help decrease the epidemic of asthma among Arizona American Indians.

Eliminate unnecessary illness, improve quality of life, and eliminate deaths from Asthma in Arizona American Indian Communities.

Collaborate with partners to sponsor forums and workshops, which will provide technical assistance and information to the Arizona American Indian population about Asthma prevention, environmental triggers and control.
Obtain input for enhancement of service delivery.

Open to anyone interested in tribal health issues
Need tribal staff in both medical and environmental

The coalition has developed two surveys that provide questions for either medical staff or environmental staff. Tribes can request the surveys and self- administer in order to get a better understanding of the status of asthma for their tribe.

Arizona American Indian Asthma Conference The coalition has scheduled a conference for October 25, 2012. For more information go the conference website.


The coalition is seeking additional partners. For more information on current partners go to the partners website.

For more information please contact:

For more information please contact:
Mansel Nelson

Program Coordinator