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Volkswagen Settlement:

Tribal Advisory Council

BACKGROUND: During the consultation process that resulted in the Tribal Trust Agreement, numerous Tribes commented that they would like to see a portion of the funds from the Trust used to establish a Tribal Advisory Council (TAC).

The purpose of the TAC is to advise the technical assistance provider (ITEP) on its outreach and training efforts to ensure that Indian Tribes are aware of the Indian Tribe Trust, and to provide a forum for Indian Tribes to raise general questions relating to the Indian Tribe Trust Agreement.

Primary responsibilities of TAC members are to make a good-faith effort to attend all conference calls and meetings and provide constructive input, guidance, and recommendations to ITEP. Members must be knowledgeable of the Trust Agreement and the application process for Tribal Beneficiaries

COMPOSITION: The TAC strives to include representation from all regions, including Alaska, and from small and large Tribes to ensure a balanced approach. Current members of the TAC include the following six individuals:

The TAC held its first meeting in May of 2019, and has met monthly since that time to address questions from Tribes as they come up and provide feedback to ITEP and the Trustee about the process.

Feel free to reach out to Mehrdad Khatibi at ITEP ( with any questions about the TAC or the application process.