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Cal Seciwa

1953 - 2009

Cal Seciwa ITEP Director Cal Seciwa passed away on July 13, 2009 in Zuni, New Mexico surrounded by his family.

Seciwa was raised in the Zuni area and spent much of his youth involved in his family's farming, ranching and sheep-herding activities. He was a member of Zuni's Badger clan, born for the Eagle clan, and maintained close ties with his Zuni cultural and spiritual heritage. In 2006 he and his family sponsored a Shalako home, contributing to the tribe's most important religious ceremony.

Cal came to ITEP and Northern Arizona University after more than 15 years at Arizona State University, where he served as director of the American Indian Institute, an organization whose mission is to recruit and retain Native students at ASU. As ITEP's director he helped to forge new programs to provide direct assistance and services to tribes across the country to address environmental protection and management issues.

Before his career with ASU and NAU, Cal served in various settings as a teacher and school administrator, tribal administrator and co-coordinator of intertribal efforts on issues such as cultural preservation, NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act), Indian economic-enterprise programs and infrastructure development.

Cal is survived by his wife Margie Seciwa, daughters Chelsa and Collyn, and five grandchildren who live in Tempe. He is also survived by many relatives in Zuni.

Traditional ceremonies will be held for Cal starting the evening of July 15 at Zuni.

He will be missed by all of us that knew and worked with him at ITEP and NAU. We will remember him for his kindness, humility and sense of humor.

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