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Climate change affects us all, but tribes have been particularly hard-hit by the impacts of atmospheric warming and the myriad changes it brings. It isn't just Alaska Natives who experience these changes; tribal members living close to the land in the lower 48 states are also seeing dramatic changes in the world around them. From fishing impacts in the Northwest to severe water depletion in the Southwest to heightened storm events along the Gulf Coast and Eastern seaboard, tribal communities see the impacts every day, and they've long since moved past the mindset of regarding climate change as a "theory." On the following pages, we profile by region various tribes and organizations that deal with, and attempt to respond to, climate change and its impacts.

This is our first attempt at profiling climate change from a tribal perspective. Our profiles are modest and only represent a small percentage of tribes actively working to address climate change issues. We intend to continue to research and update this website as new information becomes available. If your tribe or organization has something it would like to contribute to the website please let us know! Your comments and suggestion are welcome.