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Josie Kamkoff

Program Coordinator

Josie Kamkoff

Josie is of Lummi and Yupik descent. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, she spent her school years in Alaska, and her summers in Lummi, Washington. She graduated from the Northwest Indian College with a Bachelors of Native Environmental Science in June, 2016.

Josie Kamkoff currently teaches Quality Assurance Fundamentals for the Tribal Air Monitoring Service Center. She began at ITEP working for the Environmental Education Outreach Program in 2016, then later provided research support for the data evaluation project- National Environmental Information Exchange Network, and then for the Clean Water Act/Assessment, Total Maximum Daily Load Tracking and Implementation System project.

Josie has broad experience in environmental science and education. She has monitored watershed restoration tree growth rate, assisted in planning wetlands restoration structure, assisted in soil survey mapping, performed marine biotoxin research, calculated CO2 uptake in restored wetlands, performed administrative work for a Tribal AmeriCorp program, done science educational outreach in science fields for primary education, and tutored college students in mathematics and sciences. Her experience as a volunteer, federal or tribal employee, and work in schools give her a foundation that allows for communicating science to tribal people, and tradition and culture to the scientific community.

Josie can be reached by e-mail at

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