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Kimberly Dalton

Social Media Specialist

Kimberly Dalton

My name is Kim and I am a member of the Navajo Nation and Laguna Pueblo. I was born and raised in Winslow, Arizona. I am of the Towering House clan Kinyaa’áanii (maternal) and the Mexican people clan Naakai dine'é (paternal). I attended Northern Arizona University and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication with a minor in Anthropology.

I previously worked at NAU’s Native American Cultural Center as a program assistant, where I learned all about NAU’s Native American Initiatives and worked with fellow students, faculty, and visitors. I also worked as a Visual Designer at NAU’s Advanced Media Lab, where I collaborated with other students and faculty on various projects relating to Virtual Reality and 3D asset placement/level design. As a designer, I enjoy many types of design but my favorites are print/digital design, UI/UX and level design.

Outside of graphic design, I enjoy writing, reading, world history, traveling, playing video games and most of all, spending time with my family and cat. I have plans to pursue my Masters degree in Rhetoric, Writing and Digital Media studies.

Kimberly can be reached by email at

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